SWPI is committed to maintain a good quality of Laboratory practices and to provide Quality Calibration Services as per National and International Standards complying with ISO/IEC 17025:2005, to meet the requirements of Customers within the accredited scopes.

To achieve and sustain Customer Satisfaction and Improve Laboratory's Quality System and Services of the Organization together with effective familiarization and involvement of all personnel & Honour the valuable suggestions from our valued Customers.

SWPI have been engaged in manufacturing exclusively Weights since 1961.

The scenario of the world is changing very rapidly due to revolutionary development in the field of Science & Technology. It has brought a marked change in the requirement of quality weights of various specifications, shapes, sizes, designs, accuracy class etc.

OIML – the apex body of Weights & Measures – had issued its first Int'l Recommendation for weights vide IR No. 1 & 2 in 1968 and SWPI started manufacturing weights according to the said Recommendation in 1972.

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Our Product categories

Test Weights

Manufacturing of Test Weights made of Cast Iron as per OIML Recommendation is our Specialty. In 1968 OIML issued its first …

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Standard Weights

OIML Recommendation – 47 applies to standard weights having a nominal value equal to or greater than 50 kg, used for testing …

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Slotted Weights

Slotted Weights (masses) are used in student lab classes, to teach physics and other sciences. The slotted masses and weight hanger …

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Roller Weights

Roller weights are small cylindrical weights fitted with heavy duty mild steel handle so that it can be rolled on a smooth and plane…

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Bell Weights

Shaped like a bell beautifully hand craft to give a personal touch, these Bell Weights are suitable for using at a place where you …

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Avoirdupois Weights

We manufacture avoirdupois Weights of 50lb, 25lb, 20lb, 14lb, 7lb, 4lb, 2lb, 1lb, 8oz, 4oz in Cast Iron and 2oz, 1oz, 1/2oz …

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Commercial Weights

Different tolerances and shapes have been prescribed by Bureau of Indian Standards, National Standards Commission, British Board of Trade …

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Proportional Weights

All loose proportional weights in a platform machine shall be identified with the machine by a number or any other suitable mark …

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Kitchen Scale Weight Set

Traditionally home kitchens are equipped with Kitchen Scale Weight Set, which comprises a set of weight 1kg to 100g in cast iron …

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Ordinary Accuracy Class Weights

OIML Recommendation 52 applies to hexagonal weights made of grey cast iron with the denominations of nominal value of 100g to 50kg…

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