Slotted Weights Caring

Slotted Weights Slotted Weight Model Details

It is a cylindrical weight with a radial slot to permit it to be applied on a counterpoise hanger. Slotted Weights are used in a variety of applications such as pressure, torque and tensile strength testing. These are typically used with a hanger that also has its weight calibrated so the hanger can be used as part of the overall weight under test. Several slotted Weights may be used together to build up from a minimum weight to maximum test load. The hanger weight will be able to accommodate the total load needed. SWPI’s Cast Iron Slotted Weights are manufactured from high quality cast iron that meets ANSI/ASTM E617 hardness requirements and are free of cracks, pits and sharp edges. There is adjusting cavity in each weight adjusted with lead on the underside of the weight. Weights are protected by a durable coat of paint to protect the casting from rusting. Weights 5kg and above are provided with under cut on opposite ends to aid in lifting.