What is calibration weights used for? Are they used to calibrate weight scale systems? Do you offer test weights for scales?

20kg C model

Calibration weights or Calibrated test weights or scale calibration weights are used in scale calibration. This is a process that ensures scale accuracy. Test weights for scales or precision weights are used to calibrate weight scale systems of various levels of accuracy depending on the use and requirements. Certified test weights or precision weights should be used in these processes to calibrate weight scale systems. It is important to ensure the test weights are calibrated test weights and that they are accurate to provide accurate calibration results. Check out our range of scale calibration weights.

Generally, weights for scale calibration are certified. When calibrating scale procedures are performed, it is necessary to have calibration weights for scales. Weighing scale calibration with scale weights or test weights should be performed on a regular basis depending on use. Learn more about scale calibration weights and weigh scale calibration.

We offer Calibration Weights in different shapes and accuracy class as per OIML Recommendations. https://www.weights-swpi.com/calibration-weights